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Our 'Play to Learn' Library


"The pre-school environment includes an abudant range of exciting resources... The children confidently move from room to room and choose their own activities."

– Ofsted, January 2015

The 'Play to Learn' Library is a selection of bags each containing a book, related toy and activity such as number picture hunt, listening games and nursery rhyme activities, along with suggestions and ideas of things parents can do at home with their children. Every morning, our Play to Learn Library Co-Ordinator, Janet Briars welcomes the children at drop off time. Each child can choose a bag and return their previous choice.


The concept was developed to help inform parents about the way learning takes place at the Treehouse – the valuable ethos of learning through play can be difficult for some parents to replicate at home. The response to our Play to Learn Library since it's implementation in 2011 from both parents and children has been overwhelmingly positive – and rife with talk of spaceships, gruffalo cakes, insect hunts and mud pies! The children are really enjoy the chance to try something new at home with their parents, and equally parents seem to love the chance to experience a little of what the setting does at home with their children.


Click here to download an article from Nursery World magazine, all about our Play to Learn Library.




About us

The best way to experience Treehouse will always be to arrange a visit. Our management and admin staff are happy to accommodate interested parents (and their children of course), neighbouring schools and pre-schools and early years professionals who are interested in looking around our setting.


Please email the office to arrange an appointment.

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