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Giving a little bit helps a lot!

On this page you will find a number of ways you can help support Treehouse Pre-School, some of which cost absolutely nothing at all - like the Give As You Live link below, where a simple extra click in the online shopping process means Tesco match a percentage of what you spend with them, and donate to us!

Please also take a look at our Donation Tree in the foyer at the pre-school and take a 'hand'. These list a number of items which you could pick up cheaply and make a big difference to us. Items like food colouring, lightweight footballs, dry pasta and more. If you don't drop off yourself but still want to donate, please email us for some ideas and we will gladly supply them.


Perhaps take a cutting from some herbs in your garden for the children to explore or maybe you have an unusual pet or job which the children may find fascinating to see or hear about? Even offering to do a load of washing of our spare clothes and tea towels helps!! Treehouse is about providing a wealth of opportunities and experiences to ignite children's desire to learn and there are so many ways you could help us do this without it costing a fortune. 

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Every single offer of help counts

Treehouse wants to keep fees as low as we can, but in order to maintain the fantastic provision of  which we are so proud, the staff and committee are continually working to raise additional income.

We understand that money can be tight - especially when you have young children, so we strive to offer a number of ways to support us - anything you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Over the years, we have had parents and other family members choose to run marathons, do sponsored swims - even do the London Color Run all the riase money for Treehouse. If this is something you are interested in pursuing, please speak to a member of our staff or committee and we can get a sponsorship pack to you.

Please take a moment to visit some of the kind businesses who offer us support for projects or events, to whom we are all very grateful:

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