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Our Mission Statement

"Staff offer children who are less confident, or who have just started at the pre-school, sensitive individual support.... Overall, the staff team demonstrate a thoughtful and highly effective approach to supporting children's emotional well-being and confidence." – Ofsted, January 2015

Our ethos is:

  • To provide an educationally stimulating play-based environment in which every child matters and is valued as an individual.

  • To support the emotional, physical and educational needs of all children and to ensure they reach their full potential.

  • To promote the self-esteem and confidence of children.

  • To work in partnership with Parent/Carers and to have a positive impact on children’s learning and development.

  • To teach children to respect and consider others in society.

  • To encourage children to nurture and appreciate the Environment.

  • We are caring sensitive professional practitioners providing quality pre-school experience.


The best way to experience Treehouse will always be to arrange a visit. Our management and admin staff are happy to accommodate interested parents (and their children of course), neighbouring schools and pre-schools and early years professionals who are interested in looking around our setting.


Please email the office to arrange an appointment.

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