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My journey from student to business owner is not particularly dramatic, but it  is currently exactly where I want it to be and, most importantly, it's not over yet! If you are on this page I believe you will have one burning question: "why should you listen to me?". To help you decide, here's the 'juicy bits' in chronological order... 

Just days after completing my A-Levels in Business Studies, German, Maths and Art, I joined the team at a small corporate communications agency where I learned some of my most valued skills from a selection of this country's most experienced newspaper journalists and editors. It was here that I gained my Level 4 NVQ in Periodical Journalism (and  the letters Dip. Jo. after my name) and worked for some high profile clients like Gossard, Mercedes-Benz and AstraZeneca. The company grew quickly and I left some years later as Studio Manager. Subsequently I worked designing the advertising and providing editorial support at MK Extra newspaper, an upcoming weekly title in Milton Keynes; and producing pages for the Argos catalogue among others. These experiences showed me that I thrive under pressure but also that my creative heart lies with providing a wide range of services to  smaller businesses and in 2003 I took the leap and became self employed – Design Dejour was born.


I spent many, many weeks working my way through the yellow pages, walking high streets and industrial estates to get the ball rolling and  gain my first clients. I have met some of the BEST people along the way and I am very proud to say I now get almost all of my business through word of mouth recommendations.  I love my job – designing a wide variety of media for an even wider variety of clients. I adore seeing and hearing the passion for their various fields of business – it is so inspiring! 

The magic happens from my home in Winslow. I spend every moment I can with my family  and around them;  I work really hard, I always get the job done and I pull out ALL the stops to make miracles happen for my customers when they are occasionally required.  As my boys get bigger the next chapters of Design Dejour will unfold and I hope you choose to be here with me for the journey.


Please call 07971 262237 or email me at and tell me a bit about you – I'd love to hear it!

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