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The SALLEY phonics system


"Planned group sessions focussing on recognising letters and sounds, and story times are regular features of the programme. As a rsult of these, the children are developing significant skills in listening and attention, early literacy and mathematics that are extremely valuable when they move on to school."

– Ofsted, January 2015

We are pleased to be one of only a handful of pre-schools in Buckinghamshire offering access to the SALLEY early phonics programme aimed at developing childrens early understanding of language and letter sounds.


Our SALLEY sessions are primarily for our older children who will soon be moving up to school, however, no child who shows an interest will be denied the opportunity to join the group. Parents whose children have attended a session will be given a welcome letter explaining all about SALLEY and also slips attached to the back of their normal 'Today I have...' slip, explaining what they have covered in the session.


Please see Sarah for more information on the project within Treehouse. 

About us

The best way to experience Treehouse will always be to arrange a visit. Our management and admin staff are happy to accommodate interested parents (and their children of course), neighbouring schools and pre-schools and early years professionals who are interested in looking around our setting.


Please email the office to arrange an appointment.

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